Lampre Turçelik

Lampre rapidity and quality

In January 2010 Lampre Turçelik began its activity as a service center. The new headquarters is located in the European part of Istanbul, in the immediate vicinity of the International Airport.
Thanks to the experience accumulated in the Turkish market and their efficient organization, Lampre Turçelik is able to offer its customers a wide range of services and products supplied by Lampre.
With this important investment, customers located in the Mediterranean basin and in the Middle East can certainly count on a rapid cutting service and distribution of products, without having to give up the Lampre quality mark.

Davutpaşa Cad. Yıldız Sk. Gürün Çıkmazı No: 6/2

Via A. Magni, 2
20865 Usmate Velate (MB) – Italy
Tel. +39 039 674.227 – Fax +39 039 675.018

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