Lampre Pre-coated Steel is produced through COIL COATING one of the most modern and technologically advanced production processes of continuous coating of a metal support. The idea of manufacturing pre-coated steel was born from some simple observations:
  • It is necessary to cover a steel sheet in order to preserve it from corrosion, regardless of its usage.
  • It is simpler and economically more advantageous to apply the laminate when it still has a flat surface rather than do it after it has been processed.
  • The coated product, provided in the form and in the desired dimension, can be worked without being damaged.
According to the type of material used for the coating, Lampre products arise as coatings to film or liquid and in both cases the pre-coated product offers several kind of advantages:


  • Excellent balance of properties (material that meets the design requests in terms of coating thickness, aesthetics, performance)
  • Uniform coating (greater quality and uniformity with respect to the product resulting from post coating)
  • High aesthetic value of the coating
  • High resistance to corrosion
  • Durability (minimizes the damage of processing)
  • Possibility of numerous successive processing


  • Costs control
    • The price and the quality of the product used are predetermined
    • The product intended for the final user is the result of only two processes (processing and assembly)
    Costs reduction
    • Transport costs
    • Processing costs and re-processing (because of the high quality material)
    • Costs for the compliance with the anti-pollution standards, to be borne by the manufacturer
    • Energy costs
    Improvement of productivity
    • reduction of working time
    • reduction or total elimination of bottlenecks in the painting phase
    • possibilities to redistribute the workforce on other activities


The pre-coated product reduces the problem of pollution because the phases of its production process are more controllable compared to post-coating operations. Lampre manufacturing systems are also equipped with the most modern technologies for abatement of pollutants. In order to ensure maximum transparency and the highest international standards in the field of the environment, Lampre has joined FITOK procedures for the sterilization and traceability of pallets.

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