Lampre Benelux

Lampre towards the Skinplate

The birth of Lampre Benelux represents a milestone in the internationalization’s process of Lampre Group and it is the result of the acquisition of the historical Skinplate activity.
The company is located in the neighborhood of Sclessin in Liège, the heart of most important metallurgical basin of the country. The long north European steel’s tradition combined with Lampre’s product range permit the manufacturing of a highest quality pre-coated product, mainly aimed to the building industry.
The strategic geographical position stands for a further plus for mid-European and oversea markets.


Lampre Benelux Quality Management System complies with the requirements of the ISO9001 standard

Rue Ernest Solvay, 376
B – 4000
Sclessin (Liège)

Via A. Magni, 2
20865 Usmate Velate (MB) – Italy
Tel. +39 039 674.227 – Fax +39 039 675.018

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