The qualities of our quality. All the benefits plus more.

Versatility and reliability
Whether it is for interior design or furnishings, our PVC coated steel is suitable for all new and creative applications in these sectors.

The laboratories of Lampre are able to engineer colored products with a surface finish both smooth and embossed. The possibility of being formed mechanically, allows a wide range of applications according to the specific needs of the project.

Just think, for example, that unlike other types of coating, a film in PVC in 150 µm may undergo stretching up to 100% and therefore follow (adhere to) bend with the steel in all its deformation: an economically attractive solution able to transform the plates in all kind of metallic products.

Endless finishes (Aesthetics without borders)
More than 500 finishes available: not only plain colors but also decorated, printed, abstract designs, wood and marble effects,simulated stainless steel and aluminum. Different kind of embossing give the possibility to expand the aesthetic effect perceived: an exceptionally wide range because the choice of a color is always a matter of nuances.

More flame resistant
The specific certifications obtained show the excellent behavior of Lampre PVC coated steel to fire. The presence of specific fire retardant additives constitutes an important barrier that slows down the combustion processes and makes our materials particularly suitable for use in construction, in the industrial sector and in shipbuilding.

Eligibility for food contact
PVC is stable and inert. This endowment is important for all uses where hygiene is a priority, as in the medical sector: just think, for example to the medicinal packaging foil. The rigid PVC offers a high barrier to liquids, gases or vapors: hence the natural suitability of Lampre food-grade materials to come into contact with food, as shown by the rigorous certification acquired.

The main component in our films that both acts as a barrier to corrosion and inhibits the breakdown of UV rays is the thickness which ranges between 100 to 1500 microns. It is this feature of Lampre’s product that allows for a long product life cycle.

Thermal Insulation
The use of our PVC coated sheets/steel offers both an economic and environmental energy savings. The high thickness of the film improves the insulation from cold, rain, wet, wind and retains heat longer, at the same time being noise barrier. During warmer months the Lampre PVC coated materials can reduce energy consumption resulting from the use of air conditioners.

Electrical Insulation
Thanks to qualities such as electrical insulation, plasticity and resistance to time and atmospheric agents, the PVC is the most common material used in the coating of electric cables. Our PVC coated steel offers similar protection, thus being usefully applied in all electronics and industrial sectors.

On the sustainability side
The main goal of a modern and responsible community is to have at its own disposal products and materials truly sustainable, out of respect for the environment, economic development and social progress.