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A company at the service of the customer

Lampre Portuguesa was created in 1989 in order to strengthen the European presence of Lampre in the production of pre-coated rolled steel. It represents an important reality in the Lusitana entrepreneurship area and it has been built in a very favorable position for export. Its location to the north of Lisbon, near Sintra, is in fact a perfect point of departure for the Western Europe and Northern destinations, as well as for the overseas shipments. Lampre Portuguesa has built its success and reputation thanks to an independent, streamlined and efficient organization able to rapidly provide products and services especially tailored to the needs of customers. The success achieved by Lampre Portuguesa is witnessed by the fact the company has obtained for eight consecutive years the prestigious ministerial recognition “PME Excelência Indústria” for the efficiency achieved in company management.


Lampre Portuguesa Lda.

Estrada Nacional 247 – km.65

Carne Assada

2709-505 S.João das Lampas


T. +351-21-9608470

F. +351-21-9615193


P.IVA nr 502 103 639 – Matr. Cons. Reg. Com. de Sintra nr. 5182 fls. 193 do livro C-13 – Cap. soc. € 3.500.000,00