Fondo famiglia lavoro

The “San Giuseppe Fund” is a special fund to offer first aid to those who, due to the ongoing epidemic, have no form of livelihood. This new tool is part of the experience of the Family Work Fund with a non-repayable financing. Resources are redistributed to the most vulnerable groups in order to defuse the social crisis that risks exploding due to the health emergency. The San Giuseppe Fund is dedicated to those who are unemployed due to the Covid-19 crisis, to fixed-term employees whose contract has not been renewed, to temporary workers, to self-employed workers, to family collaborators and other fragile workers’ categories. In this regard, in recognition of the commitment that Lampre has shown over the years towards this project promoted by Caritas Ambrosiana and on the occasion of May 1st, San Giuseppe and Labor Day, Archbishop Mario Delpini visited the company for a moment of prayer and thanks with all employees.

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