Along the years Lampre has created a very large sales network that enables the company to be present with more than 40 offices throughout the world.
With Lampre the concept of selling steel is not anymore just a set of prepackaged and static offers but it becomes an efficient and real service of counseling the customer from the phases of sampling to the perfection of the purchase order. Lampre has introduced a new global sales network which is entrusted with the task of improving the support and communication in the worldwide markets. The launch of the new organization is part of the development and internationalization plan defined by Lampre and it expects to offer a range of new products than ever before as well as its expansion into new markets. Active from January 1, 2011, the new global Lampre sales organization is divided into five macro-regions, each on under the responsibility of a regional director that manages the market development, sales and after sale. These regions are:
  1. North America,
  2. Central and South America,
  3. Northern Europe, Eastern Europe and Russia,
  4. Central and Southern Europe and the Mediterranean area,
  5. Asia and Pacific area.
The direct support offered by the various Lampre offices and our 40 worldwide managers to each local market enables Lampre to cater differently to the individual needs of each market and customer.

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