Coating technology


Continuous study of the latest market trends and the desire to remain the leader in the field of steel coating compels us to a continuous process of updating both the materials and the production lines designed by LAMTECH, our the technological hub.

We are the only company producing pre-coated steel studying and designing our own metal coating technologies.
Our coating formulations are conceived with particular attention to the decorative aspect and the aim to obtain the best technical, economic and aesthetic results.

We do not provide conventional products, neither do we use standard coating systems.

Our coil coating technology therefore has elements of uniqueness, which allow the creation of highly sophisticated products.

The coating lines of Lampre are very sophisticated and complex; nonetheless, the concept of coil coating is simple: it is based on the idea that it is much simpler, effective and economical degrease , chemically pre-treat and work on a continuous flat surface rather than on irregular shapes.

Each laminated metal is coated in various ways in order to be both protected and decorated. Our customers have therefore the option to choose a material whose properties correspond exactly to its manufacturing criteria in terms of thickness, color, structure and performance.

The plant processes metal laminates having the following characteristics:

THICKNESS OF THE LAMINATE from 0.3 mm to 2 mm.
WIDTH up to 1500 mm.

Lampre has two kinds of processes:

* Coating through films of varying nature
* Coating through liquid paints

Although there are differences and peculiarities typical of each manufacturing plant, the operational sequence of the coating process is the same for the various production lines:

1. Unwinding of the coil

The final part of the coil is joined to the initial part of the following coil through a junction, while a tension-leveler improves the characteristics of flatness of the tape.

2. Cleaning

The steel belt is cleaned, removing from its surface the oil previously applied in order to prevent corrosion issue.

3. Pre-treatment

The steel belt is cleaned, removing from its surface oil previously applied in order to prevent corrosion phenomena. The pre-treatment process includes an alkaline degreasing, acting to remove the oils oxides, and is followed by a chemical phosphate. The tape is then rinsed and subjected to passivation.

4. Coating

After the drying process, the belt passes through the head coating that applies the first coat of primer, paint or adhesive on one or both sides of the tape. Then it passes into the first oven where polymerization occurs and there it is cooled, first with air and then with water.

After that it moves through the second head coating that applies the finishing coat on the upper face. It enters into the oven and, after the polymerization of the layer of paint applied, the tape is cooled as previously. If the coating requirement is through film, this one is applied before the cooling through a coupling grille.

The transit times of the tape in the oven vary from 10 to 60 sec, and the metal temperatures from 150 to 250 °C.

5. Inspection and Winding

The tape, after being passed in the accumulator of exit, is controlled both visually and through automatic systems to monitor the exact execution of the production. If requested by the client, a protective film may be applied, as further temporary protection of the pre-coated surface.

In this last phase, samples are taken for further laboratory testing.

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