Steel and art Steel and art Steel and art Steel and art

Steel and art


Pasquale Galbusera The Bernareggino

If we had to think of a concept to be matched to steel, we would hardly think of art. For Lampre, on the other hand, the two worlds are not far away, indeed.

The motto stylish steel has in fact characterized Lampre during the past years, because the aim is to achieve stylish manufactured products by following the latest market trends, working with meticulous attention to details, respecting and achieving the highest standards of quality.

Our contemporary society assigns to aesthetic an almost absolute value, often at the expense of quality. Lampre supports the inseparability of these two aspects, instead, by promoting only materials that enclose the essence of both.

That is why the many possible mechanical processes allow our products for use in refined sectors such as furniture and construction, architectural component parts and production of designer appliances.

The particular attention to aesthetics that we seek in our products comes largely from the inclination that Pasquale Galbusera, sales manager of the company and recognized artist, transmits to us.

Born in 1943 in Bernareggio, a small town not far from Usmate Velate, he has become over the years an outstanding artist internationally known and highly regarded.

His activity has ranged with time from oil painting, to watercolor and graphic design, until arriving to sculpture in 1979. He has tested different materials, but the best of all, that has been able to give a surplus value to his great creativity, is certainly wood.

Among the most significant artistic contributions, we remember the restructuring of the Crypt of the Basilica of Santa Maria degli Angeli in Assisi, where you can admire the Glorious Tree made out of a large olive tree, and the Cross of the Porziuncola donated by the Minor Friars to Pope Benedict XVI.