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Since 1990 Lampre has been involved in the world of cycling. From a passion of Romeo Mario Galbusera, the Lampre Team is today among the most important teams at the international level. The passion, the initiative and the team spirit that has characterized all of Lampre’s activities for the past thirty years, are fundamental elements also in the cycling world. Cycling is a great means of communication for a company like Lampre that does not produce consumer goods and can still spread its own name and identity throughout the world thanks to the cyclist jerseys. The visibility offered by filming, as well as the amateurs jerseys, has convinced many large companies to become a sponsor of the Lampre Team: Diana, Colnago, Polti, Panaria, Daikin, Caffita, Lampre-Fondital, NGC, Farnese Wines, ISD, Merida and many others.