University  of Bologna

The Alma Mater Foundation plays the role of liaison between the University of Bologna and the society.

Established in 1996 – and recognized in 1997 by the Ministry of Education and Scientific and Technological Research – the Foundation’s mission is the integration between systems (such as Universities, institutions, private enterprises) in order to put at the disposal of the socioeconomic, national and international companies the huge heritage of university knowledge.
In this regard, Lampre is honored to have been selected as training institution for the conduct of the Master in safety and prevention in work environment.

It is an educational project of 300 hours, entrusted to a student of this Master, that provides in-depth study of the main issues of safety and prevention in the workplace, from both the applicability and operational point of view. Specifically they will elaborate on the issues related to the machinery Directive and the prevention of fires.